New Ideas

Friday, October 29, 2010 at 9:16 AM
I experimented with my zentangles a bit.   I took some of my tangles,  photocopied them to LaserTran transfer paper for silk, and then put them on a silk scarf.  It was not difficult to do but I would do it differently another time.

A tangle sampler was also something I wanted to do so I took an outline of the United States map and put a different tangle on each state.  Finding appropriate tangles for some of those small states in the east was a bit of a problem, but I like the finished product.

I also took some other tangles, photocopied these to Lazertran transfer paper, and put them on ceramic tiles to make coasters.
You will see all of these things in this post.

My Tangle Sampler

Zentangled Scarf

Ceramic Tiles
Tangled Scarf

Tangled mini-pumpkins

Thursday, October 28, 2010 at 8:49 PM

I couldn't resist taking a fine point sharpee and drawing some tangles on a gourd that Dwayne brought home.  This followed with 9 mini-pumpkins.  I took them to a Zentangle home party and gave the gourd to the instructor and the mini-pumpkins to the guests.  It was fun.

Recent tangles

at 4:55 PM
These are just three of recent tangles I have done. Since May, I have been drawing these and am having so much fun.  After taking a class at a local coffee shop, I have really enjoyed getting into this.  
I have made scarf with tangles on it as well as putting some tangles on ceramic tiles.